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Action Starts NOW

Thank you in advance for your vote, your donations and your support.  If you are serious and not just curious about seeing real changes for the 5th District of Oregon, I am your candidate! My top priorities include health care, tax reform and natural resources. My #1 goal will be to write and present legislation that will create “real” results and pass the house and the senate in order to gain the signature of President Trump and become law.  I look forward to serving YOU.  God bless you ~ Rob



These are top priority issues that are affecting many people in the 5th District of Oregon.  I will energetically legislate full time for real change on these issues, as well as other important topics.  Action Starts NOW

Health Care

  • Repeal the Affordable Care Act and implement Health Savings Accounts.

  • Eliminate the individual mandate.

  • Increase access to health care providers.

  • Replace all unsustainable subsidies.

Tax Reform

  • Balance the budget and reduce fraud, waste and abuse.

  • Decrease personal taxes.

  • Restructure and lower corporate taxes.

  • Simplify the tax code for everyone.

Natural Resource

  • Designate all farms as no-flood zones.

  • Reduce fishing regulatory legal statues.

  • Rewrite wildfire management plans.

  • Finding solutions for mining.


  • Provide timely health care to all veterans.

  • Update National Guard equipment.

  • Keep all air bases open in Oregon.

  • Solidifying college funding for the National Guard.


  • Ensure gas taxes are used for highways.

  • Repair highways for more safe travel.

  • Improve highway transportation management.

  • Install seismic bracing on all bridges.


  • Encourage legal immigration for all people with green cards.

  • Support the southern border wall implementation.

  • Deport all people with expired visas.

  • Quickly deport all illegal felons.

2nd Amendment

  • Allow the right to carry in all states.

  • Provide the right to carry anywhere.

  • Legalize the right to own any type of gun.

  • Have no limits for shipping or selling across state lines.


  • Allow alternative school choices.

  • Eliminate the Federal Department of Education.

  • Increase vocational school funding.

  • Teach STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

City Funding

  • Reprograms for Small City Fund.

  • Return more tax money back to the cities.

  • Return planning back to the cities.

  • Reduce size of government to return money back to cities.


Here Is The Current Schedule Of Upcoming Events

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